Guide-Linesystem Information


  1. Aramide connection between hook on fireman’ s uniform and metal connection in NOMEX bag.
  2. Direction indicators at regular intervals to be able to sense the way back.
  3. NOMEX bag on which your personal information can be attached ( for example Bag 735).
  4. Plaited aramide line, about 30 metres long. For both mainline and sideline an automatic clicking hook is recommended (type EH).


  1. RVS connection (stainless steel) with aluminium hook to connect with fireman’s uniform.
  2. Stainless steel eye to permit attachment of the hook of a second sideline.
  3. The line can be secured at any arbitrary length.
  4. By connecting the sideline with the mainline it is possible to enter a space while still being connected with a reference point.
  5. Plaited aramide line with a length of about 9,5 metres.


  1. Teflon reel.
  2. Lightweight hook.
  3. Aramide cord.
  4. The door-line guide is a simple, but effective way to make fixed reference points. Example: with doors to uphold the mainline, with heating tubes to guide the mainline .

Both for headline and sideline an automatic clicking hook is recommended (type EH).

Guide-Linesystem Procedures

Do you want to have the procedures on paper? Then click below to download and print out the procedures.

Time Registration Case

Safety first, a fire fighter is no robot

Specamon was the first to develop a TIME REGISTRATION CASE ( TRC) to registrate / plot firstly the bearers of compressed air masks and secondly the crew in gas protection uniforms.

The TRC can also be used – with suitable registration forms- among other things for:

  • Application of the Specamon guide-line system
  • Condition trainings
  • Exercises in blindwalling in a compressed air facility, for accounting the consumption of air per minute.
  • Application of compressed air appliances.
  1. Dimensions : L=40 cm. W=34 cm, H=10 cm lightweight aluminium case 3,5 kg.
  2. Digital clock.
  3. Spare batteries.
  4. 3 waterproof markers. 
  5.  Synthetic writing board with registration forms.
  6. Insulation foam.
  7. 3 signal clocks.
  8. Reading spectacles + 1,5 x.
  9. Space for completed registration forms and / or drawings etc. and signal clocks.
  10. Lock with 2 keys.
  11. 2 Ballpoints.




Maintenance contract

Guide-line system

In order to keep your system functional and operational we offer the possibility of a Maintenance contract. This will permit you to send your products periodically or on call to our company for inspections and / or repairs. A declaration of intent will be drawn up free of charge.